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2019 International Cartoon Exhibition

Davos Edition

From January 21 to 26, 2019, exterior walls of the Congress Center, World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

Upon the initiative of its current President Patrick Chappatte, the Swiss Foundation Cartooning for Peace [Now: Freedom Cartoonists Foundation] presented a selection of editorial cartoons at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Contributing cartoonists were members of the Cartooning for Peace network and came from all over the world: Algeria, Austria, Canada, Cuba, France, Islamic Republic of Iran, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, Syria and the United States of America.

Through their art and humour we hope they helped those gathered in Davos to reflect on some of the thorny issues of the moment. Chappatte contributed to the annual meeting with two dedicated events at the Forum: a presentation of the exhibition along with Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth, and a panel on freedom of expression.

In collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the association Cartooning for Peace, Paris.

Cartoons by Hassan Karimzadeh (Iran), Faro (France), Nardi (Italie), et Côté (Canada).

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