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2011 Opening Cartoon Exhibition

From June 10 to July 10, 2011
Open air exhibition, Quai Wilson, Geneva

From left to right: Zohoré (Ivory Coast), Gueddar (Morocco), Chappatte in the middle, Kianoush (Iran) and No-rio (Japan)

This was the founding gesture of our Foundation: a hundred cartoons displayed on fifty large panels all beneath a sunny sky on beautiful Quai Wilson in Geneva. Curated by Swiss cartoonist Chappatte, the exhibition was divided in five main sections: “Human Rights”, “North-South Relations”, “Climate Threats”, “Censorship and Taboo”, “Armed Conflict”.

On this occasion, cartoonists No-Rio (Japan), Gueddar (Morocco), Zohoré (Ivory Coast) and Kianoush (Iran) were present and participated in a conference held on June 9. It was the occasion for City of Geneva’s representative Pierre Maudet to announce the support of the City for the International Cartoonist Award, later presented for the first time in May 2012.

In collaboration with the Association Cartooning for Peace, Paris.

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