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2018 International Cartoon Exhibition

May and June 2018
Open air exhibition, Quai Wilson, Geneva

The wife of Musa Kart, prevented from leaving Turkey, receives the Geneva International Prize on 3 May 2018

“They fight with their weapons – pencils and humor – and remind us how fragile freedom of expression and freedom of the press are today around the world. It is for his courage, talent and energy in defending our common humanity that we salute and honor Musa Kart with the 2018 International Cartoonist Award of the City of Geneva.” These are the words written by the late lamented Kofi Annan in the booklet accompanying the 2018 Award and cartoon exhibition.

The month-long show on the banks of Lake Geneva featured editorial cartoons from Turkish cartoonist Musa Kart, as well as works by cartoonist colleagues from all over the world, distributed in three sections: “Women’s Rights”, “Fake News and Populism” and “The New Walls”.

In collaboration with the Association Cartooning for Peace, Paris.

Cartoons by Bénédicte, Boligán, Bonil, Cathy Wilcox, Cécile Bertrand, Chappatte, Denis Lopatin, Dilem, Dr. Jack & Curtis, Damien Glez, Hani Abbas, Herrmann, Joel Pett, Joep Bertrams, Kak, Kal, Kichka, Liza Donnelly, Mana Neyestani, Marec, Mohammad Sabaan, Molina, Musa Kart, Nardi, No Rio, Osman Hajjaj, Plantu, Rodriguez, Vadot

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