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2016 Cartoon Exhibition


From May 3 to June 4, 2016,
open air exhibition, Quai Wilson, Geneva

Standing left to right: Benedict (Suisse), Donnelly (USA), Kofi Annan, Guillaume Barazzone, Gado (Kenya), Plantu (France) Herrmann (Suisse)
Centre : Chappatte, Zunar ( Malaisie) et Hani Abbas ( Syrie/ Palestine)

On the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day and the presentation of the 2016 International Cartoonist Award to cartoonists Gado (Kenya) and Zunar (Malaysia), the traditional open-air cartoon exhibition took place along the banks of Lake Geneva.
The exhibition was divided into five categories: the 2016 prize winners, “Exodus”, “Liberty and Security”, “Cyber world” and “Planet Earth”. Cartoonists from all around the world contributed with their great works.

This event led to a series of meetings at the Geneva Press Club and at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, where the documentary film “Cartoonists, Foot Soldiers of Democracy” was shown.

In collaboration with the Association Cartooning for Peace, Paris.

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